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"the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all" ~ Disney's Mulan


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The Swahili word for eight is nane.. hmmmm. This will certainly be a fun adventure just learning the language alone! I learned my words from the Lion King, so unless they really like to talk about the simba out in safari land I better work hard in my language & culture classes there! You know how someone who doesn't know the language in our world stands there nodding saying, 'yes'? That will be me saying, 'hakuna matata!' on my first day!

I'm still wrapping up the fundraising. I am in need of $200 for my residency visa - that's it! I went from needing $7,000 to $200 - can you believe it?!?! The power of positive thinking really takes you far. I am overwhelmed and wowed by the positivity happening now (overwhelmed is an understatement). If you are a fan of my Stella & Dot page, you will see the piece of the day for the stylish countdown. Remember that 25% of anything you treat yourself or someone else to will go towards getting my residency visa so I can work in the Tanzanian kindergarten and ensure they are getting the food that they need to grow like our kiddos here do. Kwamka Charm Mkufu

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