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"the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all" ~ Disney's Mulan


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I had a really nice day today. It was my last day working in the elementary schools. The kiddos are so cute! I have really enjoyed working next to the hard-working lunch ladies and playing lunch time games with the office! Today my preceptors took me to the Essence Bakery Cafe ~ it is a lovely place! The preceptors chose this restaurant because the foods are all made from scratch (and I happened to meet the health inspector today who vouched for its awesomeness!) and the ingredients are locally grown. Since I will soon not be able to eat local food, this was a very appropriate and thoughtful suggestion! The owner was very sweet and let me have a macaroon (french chocolate, ooh la la) after learning about my upcoming trip. Yum!

This internship has been hard work, but it has been such a great experience. I have really enjoyed working with the different disciplines and my many preceptors. I cannot wait to be them when I grow up! I leave tomorrow, and I am nowhere near being ready! I lost my debit card as it turns out - great timing eh? But Bank of America has been very wonderful and set me up for Africa. Now I'm off to a dinner that I just recently learned about at the Blue Nile Cafe. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the plane! I am a bundle of nerves - it may be good to have another social meal!

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